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How To Shop For Brown Tungsten Wedding Rings For Men Online

When you shop for a ring online you rely solely on photos that the phtographer has taken of the rings on the ecommerce store.  Here’s some tips for you….

Brown tungsten wedding rings for men have slowly increased in popularity as this is one material that retains a high polish while resisting wear and tear. Not to mention, a tungsten wedding ring is truly unique and masculine. The number one issue that men seem to have is simply shopping for tungsten rings, especially online. There are dozens of retailers out there claiming to sell the best and the highest quality rings, but unless you’re willing to gamble a great deal of money, you won’t really know what you’re getting.

Learn To Re-examine The Word “Free”

Apart from the fact that tungsten wedding bands are trendy and appealing, many men choose to purchase them because of all of the free offers attached. Of course, what many shoppers find out all too soon is that the word free is often attached as a gimmick to the purchase and nothing is what it seems. Free shipping, for example, is only free if you decide to keep the ring. Should you choose to return the ring to the respective retailer, a sizable shipping fee will be deducted from your refund. Brown Tungsten Wedding Ring For Men

Whenever shopping with a retailer, also consider what the free lifetime warranty entails. Free sizing and lifetime warranties often come with a deductible fee that you don’t know about until you need it. Lastly, make sure you know the return policy before ordering as there’s often a restocking fee hidden in the fine print.

Finding Comfort

The comfort of a brown tungsten wedding ring for men is found in its thickness. The fact is that the thicker the ring, the more uncomfortable it is to wear on a daily basis. Not to mention, thick tungsten is almost always a sign of poor craftsmanship and quality.

The maximum thickness of a tungsten wedding band should be no more than 2.3 mm. The smaller the ring, the less thickness it should have. A size 6 ring would be ideally sized at 1.8 mm, whereas, a size 11 ring may be up to 2.3 mm in thickness.

The Tungsten Carbide Purity

Just like you would find with solid gold wedding bands, tungsten must be mixed with another alloy in order to make it wearable. Quality tungsten rings will have nickel as their main alloy, but lower quality rings will have cobalt. Another often undisclosed fact is the actual amount of tungsten carbide the ring actually contains. If the ring has less than 85{765bf10f63c4c16ee8da25c00d1fb12511533b7ee9682e82b1ba01dda6ab19ef} tungsten carbide, it will bend, scratch, and wear down easily.

The Final Choice

The final important choice you will need to make when selecting your tungsten ring is whether or not it has the perfect finish and the right symmetry. When a tungsten ring is inspected up close and features beveled or designed edges, the ring should be the same on both sides. If a shine or finish is applied, it’s something that should be evenly distributed, especially if two finishes are used. Once you’ve made these decisions, you’re ready to enjoy your wedding band!

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