Real Estate Photography

Mastering Real Estate Photography

Mastering Real Estate Photography

Whether you are a professional photographer hired to take pictures of a home, or an amateur photographer taking pictures for your own use, beautiful real estate photography is important when trying to sell a home. Dynamic photos taken at different angles and in different lighting can really help home-buyers get a feel for a space.

The first step to taking real estate Malta photos is to ensure that you have the proper equipment. Professional photographers will most likely have everything they need, but if you are taking pictures on your own you may need plan ahead.  Here is a video outlining the equipment you will need.

Camera Equipment

For outdoor photos, tripods are a necessity for getting steady photos from a different angle. This could include traditional three-leg stands as well as more creative wrap-around stands to get pictures from trees or other outdoor features. When taking indoor pictures, it may be necessary to bring in extra light, depending on the lighting in the room and the time of day. If you are trying to get pictures of smaller spaces like closets and laundry rooms, or any other room that may be poorly lit, having free standing photography lights could be useful.  Once you have all the necessary equipment, it is time to take the photos.

Outdoor Photos

For outdoor photos, it is nice to take pictures during the day as well as when it gets dark. Night-time exterior photos provide potential home buyers with an idea of what the outdoor lighting is like at night, as well as the environment. Having several angles is also important, as well as varying distances. Far away photos give an idea of the overall look of the house, but closer exterior photos will provide insight as to the texture and material used as well as the landscape. Don’t forget to take pictures of the sides and the rear of the house. The backyard is often a big factor for home buyers so be sure to capture that as well.

Interior Shots

When it comes to interior shots, pictures taken with natural light are often the most appealing. The best time of day for these photos will depend on the placement of the windows so be sure to consider that before beginning the process. While pictures from eye level are standard, having pictures taken from lower or higher levels may provide a better idea of the space so play around with the vertical angles. It is also a good idea to take several pictures of the same room from different corners of the space. Modern technology, like 3-D cameras, may also be useful in this situation.

Whether taking these pictures to sell a house or just to have pictures of your home, beautiful real-estate photography can be achieved by anyone who puts in the time and effort.

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